We believe that you can achieve whatever you want in life as long as you work hard and be a good person.

Illegal Civilization is a skate crew that makes Videos and Clothes.

Illegal Civilization is based in the city of North Hollywood CA.

Starred in three episodes of HBO's Ballers playing ourselves. Watch them here. We've made videos with VOGUE, featured in Jonah Hill's directorial debut Mid 90's, and have a new skate film coming in October.

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Mikey Alfred heads the company.

Kevin White, Aramis Hudson, and Ryder McLaughlin, are the official Skate Program AM Skater.

Nico Hiraga, and Zach Saranceno are on the flow team.

Davonte Jolly heads the Illegal Civ Skate Program.

Shawn Rojas is the brand manager.